Face Skin Gel

Brightens and uplifts complexion. Supports collagen production for stronger, supple skin. Natural skin exfoliation and nourishing cream.

Hair Revitalizer

Adds to strength, volume and elasticity of hair. Improves volume to thinning hair. Protects against damaging free radicals that trigger the cell-ageing process.

Joint Pain Gel

Tried and tested best for arthritis. Relieves muscular aches and soreness. Reduces inflammation due to injury.

About Bio-2

Bio2 India Private Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is also an associate of the Ionic Group running since 1985 (having an approx. net worth of Rs. 100 crores). Bio2 India Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing and sale of generic and proprietary categories of quality natural beauty and wellness products of herbo-mineral origin.

We seek to help people maintain good health, enhance their skin’s appearance and improve quality of life through enhanced oxygen absorption delivered through our proprietary BiO-2® fluids, skin care products, oxygen enhanced drinking water, hygienic solutions, hair care products, energy drinks, eye care and natural love philter. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients, hence ensuring safe and secure applications.