Bio2 India Private Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is also an associate of the Ionic Group running since 1985 (having an approx. net worth of Rs. 100 crores). Bio2 India Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing and sale of generic and proprietary categories of quality natural beauty and wellness products of herbo-mineral origin.

We seek to help people maintain good health, enhance their skin’s appearance and improve quality of life through enhanced oxygen absorption delivered through our proprietary BiO-2® fluids, skin care products, oxygen enhanced drinking water, hygienic solutions, hair care products, energy drinks, eye care and natural love philter. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients, hence ensuring safe and secure applications.

Our products feature organic ingredient like MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) an organic sulfur compound that is also known as methyl sulfone and DMSO2. MSM is very much essential in our diet and can be very beneficial in eliminating several deficiencies and health related problems. MSM is a naturally occurring compound which in its purified form can be described as tasteless, odourless and white. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is beneficial for skin & hair care, bone & joint care, and detoxification. It is a natural energy booster flooded with many other health benefits.

We believe true beauty and wellness comes from the heart. For us, beauty means wellness. We manufacture our products with love and care.


BiO2® treated water is the Company’s cornerstone product. BiO2® treated water is created by an organic water treatment process that alters the covalent bond that binds the two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom together (thus H2O) to form a water molecule. The Company’s proprietary process neither adds nor removes anything from the water molecule; it simply alters the bond so that when the altered water molecule touches a cell–skin, tongue, throat, stomach, etc–the cell is able to acquire the oxygen atom, and the hemoglobin component of the blood then carries the oxygen to where it is needed by the body.

The effect can be measured with a pulse oximeter. The percentage of oxygen saturation of the blood for healthy adults (typically termed as “the SpO2 level”) is normally 96% – 98%. Ingestion of as little as 120 ml. of BiO2™ will push this level by one or two percentage points within a few minutes of ingestion when at low (such as sea level) altitudes. This level of enhanced oxygen saturation will hold for between one and three hours, depending on individual metabolism, level of activity, and volume ingested. At higher altitudes such as in mountainous areas or when flying, the effect of BiO2® treated water is much more profound. Most commercial airlines pressurize the airline cabin to the equivalent of 8,000 feet above sea level, creating an oxygen deficit. The oxygen available from BiO2™ can help athletes maintain peak performance and non-athletes perform better on the job, at home, and at play or when flying or at high altitudes. Those with compromised cardiopulmonary systems see even greater benefits.

People with emphysema and other lung disorders can notice a profound difference in SpO2 levels after ingesting BiO2™ beverages. As an example, an elderly former firefighter with smoke-damage to his lungs and a SpO2 level of 93 was boosted to a level of 98 within 15 minutes of ingesting 8 ounces of BiO2™. A sufferer of emphysema, who typically has a SpO2 level of 88, increased this level to as high as 96 within 20 minutes after drinking 8 ounces of BiO2™.

BiO2® is water that has been treated with our proprietary process which yields two important benefits:
1. The BiO2® process alters the covalent bond that holds the two hydrogen atoms and the one oxygen together that create the water (H2O) molecule. When a water molecule with the altered bond contacts a cell, the energy created by that contact is greater than the energy holding the water molecule together. This allows the cell to absorb the oxygen atom and thus provides extra oxygen uptake for that cell. If the oxygen is needed elsewhere, the hemoglobin component of the blood will carry it to where it is needed.
2. The second benefit that results from the BiO2® process is a lowering of the surface tension of the treated water. Water is normally measured at 72.75 dynes/cm of surface tension, the BiO2® process normally yields a reduction to 61 dynes/cm. This makes BiO2® treated water “wetter” without the use of surfactants.
The BiO2® process provides oxygen absorption enhancement .