Vision & Mission


Bio2 India Private Limited was incorporated with a social responsibility to help people lead a healthier and longer life. The company aims to become a 21st century Health Care Company with diversified consumer care products and to be the best product expert of the region by controlling value added, profitable developments that offer great performance.

To provide reliable products and information to demanding customers which shall help maintain or improve their life quality. We are dedicated to commercializing innovative and proprietary oxygen absorption enhancement methods across multiple industries.

The company believes that MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) – an organic sulfur compound and the BiO2速 treated water have the potential for use in multiple applications. Currently, the Company is focused primarily on health & beauty, including skin care and sports hydration/re-hydration applications, all benefiting by improved oxygen absorption.

Bio2 India Private Limited is committed to serving the community. We are dedicated to enhancing skin, dental, hygiene, hair and eye care products, and to taking a leadership role as an integrated health care system. We recognize that increasing value and continuously improving quality are essential to maintaining excellence.

We believe in the motto: Keeping Mankind Healthy, Young and Beautiful!


To dedicate ourselves to the delivery of superior care that is health centered, accessible, and equitable. To touch the communities we serve, local or global, with sustainable improvements in the care we facilitate with a keen focus on quality and standards.

To lead in research that fosters collaboration, bringing discovery to diversified product range, and sharing those successes with the world so future generations may benefit.

To invest in educating and skill transformation to nurture the next generation of leaders who can carry forward the lessons learned.

To seek ways to deliver the Highest Quality Health Care Products to all.